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Material Handing

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Refuse & Recycling

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Custom Molding

Rotational Molding Inc. offers custom rotational molding services

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Custom Rotational Molding

Rotational Molding Benefits

Rotational molding tends to produce an increasing wall thickness on outside corners of parts,


We are committed to customer service and care. Rotational Molding Inc. is able to flex to adapt service models

Making it in America

Manufacturing methods used successfully to solve problems and improve operational efficiency.


A business ethic of integrity, quality, innovation and commitment to our community, employees,

Rotational Molding, Inc. All things are possible.

As we mark the 37th year of manufacturing in Gardena, California we are proud of what we have rotationally


molded and in other ways surprised as to the diversity of the products manufactured throughout those decades. Products created to protect our highways, military and fighter jet tanks, food service applications, servicing our rivers and waterways, and industrial containment vessels to name just a few.

Plastics have virtually become a part of everyday life…the products we use for any number of tasks…in fact it is difficult to remember what our lives were prior to the application of plastics into the many products we use.

Rotational Molding has literally reshaped the entire plastics industry, for without this crucial manufacturing method, we would not have the many products we have today, nor would we enjoy the quality, durability, and versatility we have come to expect from all plastic products. The specialized process of rotational molding affords designers, inventors, and product manufacturers more flexibility than just about any other type of manufacturer.