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What an OEM should look for in a job shop rotational molder.

Glenn Beall, a noted product designer and authority of rotational molding, put it best when he stated what an OEM should look for in a job shop rotational molder. “A brand new building and a well-appointed office and conference room aren’t the best indicators of quality”, Mr. Beall said.

“What is important is not the parts that are sitting in the conference room, because those are the best looking parts that he ever produced. What are important are the parts that are on the manufacturing floor and on the shipping dock. If they’re dirty and they have flash on them, and they’re warped, that’s probably what your parts are going to be,” he said.

Advantages of Rotational Molding

Consulting and Design

Designers, inventors, and product manufacturers of plastic parts turn to rotational molding to produce small or large parts of unusual shapes that cannot be produced as one piece by other processes. Parts as small as a ping pong ball or as large as a 6,500 gallon tank can be rotationally molded.

Tool Fabrication

Rotational molding is a low-pressure process and the strength required from the molds is minimal. This results in its ability to produce large or complex parts on short notice, using inexpensive molds. Due to the low tooling cost rotational molding is ideally suited to producing prototypes, and small or large quantities of production parts.


The design and manufacturing of a rotationally molded product seems uncomplicated. The appearance of any product is an important consideration when entering competitive markets. RMI will assist you to not sacrifice the original product specifications while working within the rotational molding capabilities and limitations.


RMI is your partner, not vendor. Another advantage you’ll appreciate with Rotational Molding Inc. is their unique ability to provide cost-competitive secondary assembly of first-rate quality. As a result, you receive the finished components you require in one efficient step. Fast, flexible, and cost effective.

Rotational Molding Inc. Custom Contract Manufacturing.

Rotational Molding Inc. offers custom rotational molding services that take a product from drawing, to pattern to mold and then to finished part. The RMI team has worked with hundreds of companies, including many Fortune 500 companies, over the years, with their O.E.M. part requirements.

Rotational Molding Inc. uses a process known as rotational molding. Rotational molding is ideal for both large and small hollow parts. Most of the items are made from polyethylene plastic. Polyethylene, in powder form, is poured into large aluminum mold which is in the shape of the product. The mold is attached to the end of an arm powered by motors that slowly rotate or spin the mold. The mold is then placed in an oven and heated to 600 degrees farenheit. At the same time the mold is being heated it is also rotating around inside of the oven. As the plastic powder melts it coats the inside of the mold wall. The molten plastic flows inside of the mold to take on the form of the product. When the heating process is over the mold is moved into the cooling chamber. Once cooled the mold is opened and the part removed for the trimming and cleaning process.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene is used for molding Rotational Molding Inc.’s proprietary product lines. LLDPE produces a product that is lightweight yet durable. The product will not break, chip, rust or dent. The parts can have a color molded right into the plastic or with proper preparation the plastic parts can be painted.
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One aspect of plastics manufacturing process has literally reshaped the entire plastics industry…Rotational Molding…for without this crucial manufacturing method, we would not have the many products we have today, nor would we enjoy the quality, durability, and versatility we have come to expect from all plastic products.  The specialized process of rotational molding affords designers, inventors, and product manufacturers more flexibility than just about any other type of manufacturer.


This is an era of unlimited potentional for Rotational Molding Inc. The present RMI team has the knowledge and work ethic to become their customers and suppliers greatest advocates.

Established in 1973, RMI’s continued success brought about growth and change throughout the years. An endeavor that would eventually expand to a nationwide organization with 10 divisions throughout the United States.

Two of the original founders son-in-laws recently re-acquired the Gardena, California facility’s assets from the present owners, Spell Capital. Doug Russell (who worked for years as Rotonics C.O.F.) and Mario Poma, General Manager of RMI-G the largest and most profitable manufacturing division now lead a team of long term employees bringing an infinate amount of expertise, devotion and committment to successful manufacturing in America.

associations and memberships

SPI Plastics Industry Trade Association.

Founded in 1937, SPI is the plastics industry trade association representing the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States.

Society of Plastics Engineers

SPE’s contribution to the plastics industry for over 60 years has made a significant difference to the technologies and innovations the industry enjoys today.


Association of Rotational Molders

The Association of Rotational Molders is the premier organization of rotational molders worldwide. The promote and champion rotational molding.


Solid Waste Association of North America, the leading professional association in the solid waste field for over 50 years

“Just because it is rotomolded
doesn’t mean it has to be hollow…”

Imagine the possibilities. RMC – Rotational molding compound. The three dimensional rotational molding compound. Scott Saxman, Mold-in-Graphics Systems