Rotational Molding Inc.

About Us

Who We Are

In the world of rotational molding, one company stands out  – Rotational Molding Inc., a leader with the experience and capability to manufacture high-quality proprietary and custom rotationally molded products for almost any application, including industrial, pharmaceutical, aerospace, agricultural, and recreation. For over 3 decades, Rotational Molding Inc. in Gardena, CA has been bringing solutions to the manufacturing industry.

Capitalizing on more than 30 years of rotational molding experience, Mario Poma and Doug Russell continue to focus on producing the highest quality products, exceeding industry standards.

Our History

This is an era of unlimited potential for Rotational Molding, Inc. The present RMI team has the knowledge and work ethic to become our customers’ and suppliers’ greatest advocates.

Established in 1973, RMI’s continued success brought about growth and change throughout the years. This endeavor would eventually expand to a nationwide organization with 10 divisions throughout the United States.

Two of the original founder’s sons-in-law re-acquired the Gardena, California facility’s (RMI-G) assets from its most recent owners, Spell Capital. Doug Russell (who worked for years as the CFO of Rotonics, the previous company) and Mario Poma, General Manager of RMI-G – the largest and most profitable manufacturing division of Rotational Molding Inc., now lead a team of long-term employees, bringing an unrivaled amount of expertise, devotion and commitment to successful manufacturing in America.

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